Fish Tank Screensaver

Fish Tank Screensaver

Free screensaver presenting a slideshow of underwater pictures
3D ScreenSaver Jam

Fish Tank Screensaver 1.0 is a free screensaver available at the 3D Screensaver Jam’s web site. This screensaver displays a slideshow of pictures taken in the depths of the ocean, showing beautiful – and sometimes scary – creatures from the underwater world. You will see giant white sharks, beautiful dolphins, whales, and colorful starfishes, among many others.
The quality of the pictures shown may not be qualified as excellent, but it must be considered that they were taken under the water. The shots are great though.
The screensaver provides a Properties dialog for users to customize its look and behavior. You can hide mouse cursor during presentation, use random effects, modify the duration of effects, show/hide clock, change the clock position, its size and color, show/hide slide number, modify the position of the slide numbers, its size and color.
After installation, the screensaver is selected as the default screensaver and will open Windows´ display properties to allow you to configure the settings. The installation file is lightweight so it won’t take long to download and install this tool.
Regarding system requirements they are pretty modest. It requires as a minimum, a Pentium II or higher processor, 16 Mb of Video Memory, an OpenGL-compatible video card, and Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

Lionel Mira
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  • It's available for free
  • It's a lightweight screensaver so it will run smoothly almost in every computer
  • It includes many pictures


  • The quality of pictures is rather poor
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